About Us

We have ten years of experience in the field of Education Technology and one of the earliest manufacturers of end products dedicated to display product in China. Based on the spirit of innovation, pioneering spirit of the times, through independent research and development, Yatal gradually enters in Interactive Touch display, has become with ability to produce, research and sell in China, all products with independent intellectual property rights, and lead levels in the industry.

Keep on innovation,YATAL's goal is become a century barnd of wisdom education.


Our Culture

It began in the late 1970s. From the initial technical cooperation to the sole proprietorship to the establishment of a sales company, it has experienced the exploration of multiple business models. In March 1997, Canon (China) Co., Ltd. was established and was responsible for all aspects of Canon's sales in the Chinese market. After years of hard work, six major regional headquarters have been basically established. Canon (China) will be deeply rooted in the Chinese market and is committed to becoming a company that is trusted and respected by the Chinese people.


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